Helena Christensen’s £12 bargain beauty product

Helena Christensen’s £12 bargain beauty product

The secret to Helena’s beautiful skin costs less than you think!

When we look at Helena Christensen, we can’t help but feel a teeny bit envious. As well as being a hands-on mum to little Mingus, a successful photographer and campaigner for numerous charities, her gorgeous supermodel looks have stayed with her into her forties. 

We’re always trying to discover the beauty secrets of the rich and famous, so couldn’t resist a bit of digging to find out how Helena maintains her youthful glowing skin.

And we were amazed to find her favoured product costs little more than a trip to the cinema!

The product she uses to combat dry skin is Hempz Body Butter, which costs just £12.50.

Its creamy formula smells amazing, and it contains natural extracts like hemp seed, shea and coco butter help to soothe, nourish and rehydrate dry skin.

Perfect for pepping up winter skin!   

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By Jessica Tibbits


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