Harrods Launches An Explosive New Perfume Campaign

Harrods Launches An Explosive New Perfume Campaign

Harrods has launched an explosive floral beauty campaign... see the video here.

This month Harrods is having an explosive perfume takeover. Until 16 September 2013 the retailer is hosting a serious of events called Meet The Perfumers and to celebrate the store has created an incredible floral fragrance video entitled Fragrance Explosion.

Deborah Bee, Harrods Magazine's Editor in Chief explained how the gorgeous video was made saying, “Working with glass and fresh flowers was no easy feat. First, the flowers were frozen in liquid nitrogen and then a live charge was carefully inserted into the stems before we triggered the explosion. The flacons required a more aggressive approach and were shot with an air gun in the studio to create the dramatic, shattering effect”.

A ticketed workshop, the event is being led by the most famous noses in the perfume industry and includes masterclasses, fragrance blind testing and consultations. To get your scent fix now, head down to Knightsbridge and enjoy a day with the finest fragrance connoisseurs. BK

Watch: Harrods' Fragrance Explosion...

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