Hair Extensions: Your Shortcut To Hollywood Hair

Hair Extensions: Your Shortcut To Hollywood Hair

Mother Nature not blessed you with the lustrous locks of the Hollywood elite? Guess what? The swishy manes of the A-list aren’t quite so bountiful either. Here’s how they cheat it

It’s no secret that extensions have the power to transform hair from drab to fab. They can add volume, length and general wow factor to anyone’s barnet – Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lawrence are just some of the stars that have admitted to giving their own locks a bit of a boost (and those are just the ones that admit it!). Extensions virgin? Hairs what you need to know


Clip in extensions offer you the option of having short or long hair whenever the mood takes you. Super easy to apply, simply clip them in (as the name suggests) and you’re ready to go. They may a rep for looking a little fake, but choose the right brand and they’ve got the potential to look believably bouncy - just ask Cheryl or Kylie Jenner who regularly use them to change up their look.We love Hair Rehab London's Clip In Extensions Original 18”, £84.99,

Micro bead

This method involves attaching the fake hair (or I-tips) to your natural hair with the use of beads and a closer tool. There's no heat or glue involved so it's a lot kinder to the hair than some other techniques. However, the weight of all this extra hair on the roots can potentially weaken your natural hair so be sure to give it a break inbetween. Similarly, when brushing, employ some damage limitation by always placing one hand firmly on top of the extension to avoid pulling on the root (this applies to all extensions). The downside? Be careful when putting your hair up – visible beads are never a good look (Paris Hilton we're talking to you). This method can last 4-6 months, and requires tightening every 4-8 weeks depending on your hair's natural growth rate. We love BeautyWorks18” Celebrity Choice I-Tip Bond, £79.99-£93.99, (You'll also need to pay for the application if you go to a salon - Try


The newest addition to the market is tape-in hair. With Ellie Goulding and Millie Mackintosh recently debuting theirs and the words “non damaging” and “healthy” being bandied about, this hair extension type it is worth a look at. Super-fast to apply (about an hour and a half in the salon chair), the process involves applying a 3-5cm hair track with a special type of double-sided tape onto your natural locks. The longer base area is, the less likely it is to look gappy and will give a much more natural look (think bountiful Hollywood waves a la Blake Lively). Hair can last up to 8 weeks and can be reapplied 3 times if well taken care of making this method kind to your purse as well as your head. Also, make sure you always ask your hairdresser for real hair as it will last longer than synthetic and will look a heck of a lot more natural. We love Kapello Hair, which is stocked in various salons nationwide including



By Josie Copson

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