Get This Summer's Rainbow Hair For Just A Tenner

Get This Summer's Rainbow Hair For Just A Tenner

Want hair like Rita Ora's? Wella's Instamatic pop-up salon will help you get just that

Lets face it, we love blondes and brunettes but when it comes to our summer 'do we're always going to pick rainbow. Semi-permanent rainbow that is - rocking multi-coloured locks to the office might not go down so well.

So it's just our luck Wella will be opening its Instamatic pop-up salon during London Fashion Week this September. Popping up at the super fashionable Premier Models HQ in Covent Garden, the salon will be showcasing the new Colour Touch service where semi-permanent rainbow hues can be added to your own locks for just £10. TEN POUNDS. Bargain much?

Opening on September 14th for just two days, get down there quick to adorn yourself with colours like Pink Dream, Muted Mauve, Jaded Mint or Ocean Storm. Can't choose? Enter the colour roulette for a chance to win a personalised colour appointment with Wella's Global Creative Director who will make a guest appearance for one day only.

Thank god we can book. Call 020 7268 6100 to get your psychedelic tress transformation now. If the line's busy, it's probably us. Sorry, not sorry. 

By George Driver/@iamgdriver

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