GET killer abs.. at your desk!

GET killer abs.. at your desk!

New workout download means you can kiss goodbye to the gym!

Jess Schuring, fitness guru and founder of Heartcore, a gym frequented by celebs galore including Elle Macpherson, has come up with a genius idea to make it easier for busy ladies to exercise.


The Heartcore Tummy Tuck Workout is a free downloadable work out, designed by Jess to make exercise easier for people who don’t have the time or inclination to trudge off to the gym every day. A series of exercises that can be done desk-side, bed-side or even on the beach, they’ve been specially designed to improve tone, posture and firmess. There are tips and tricks from Jess too, and the best news is, it only requires 20 minutes a day!

Abs of steel will be ours!

Download the work out for free at

By Jess Tibbits


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