Daisy Lowe's Spa Secret

Daisy Lowe


You’d think being one of Britain’s top models might take its toll eventually, but the constant flying, photo shoots and late nights don’t seem to have had any effect on Daisy Lowe’s perfect complexion.

It got us wondering if it was just down to her fabulous rock royalty gene pool, or whether she gets a little extra help…  

We got our spies on the case, and they recently spotted Daisy leaving the Hydrohealing Spa in London’s Notting Hill, having had a Japanese Facial Lifting Treatment. The hour-long treatment uses acupressure, reflexology and lymphatic drainage techniques to rebalance, refresh and plump the skin... Sorry Daisy, your secret’s out!

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The Hydrohealing Spa is offering 20% off the Japanese Facial Lifting Treatment for the whole of October. To get cover girl-worthy skin, call 020 7727 2570 or log on to www.hydrohealing.com.