Get Cheryl Cole's super smile!

Get Cheryl Cole's super smile!

Always coveting Cheryl Cole's perfect smile? Read HERE on how to get it...

Any celebrity will tell you the importance of a winning smile, just look at Cheryl Cole and her teeth transformation. We got chatting to Dr Joe Oliver, of the Welbeck Clinic, to get the low-down on how to mega-watt your mouth.


'Straight, white teeth can literally take 10 years off you and veneers and whitening treatments are a much better alternative to a face lift,' he said. 'For a celebrity smile, you need to work on the colour of your teeth through whitening treatments and the proportions (size and shape) of individual teeth with the use of porcelain veneers,' explains Dr Oliver. According to Dr Oliver, whitening is a great option for people who are generally happy with their teeth apart from the colour. 'Although you need to stay clear of tannin-rich foods like coffee, red wine and chocolate after the treatment which cause stubborn stains, whitening tends to last 12 months and isn’t much of a commitment.'

Boost your smile with a new tooth kit...

Triumph PC 5000, £160, Oral-B

Plax Alcohol Free Mouthwash, £2.99, Colgate

Touch Up Smile Perfecting Ampoules in Green Apples, £9 for 7, Go Smile

Try Smile Studio London’s S2Power Kit - Girls Aloud have been using these for years

Say cheese...

Make-up artist to the stars, Caroline Barnes, spills the beans on how to boost your smile with the beauty booty in your make-up bag…

Rule 1 “Avoid using brown lipstick shades as they’ll make teeth look yellow. Go for bright colors, think fuchsias and pillar box reds, with cool blue undertones for whiter teeth.”

Rule 2 “Warmer skin tones lighten your teeth as they create a contrast. Boost brightness with an everyday fake tan or apply caramel and toffee brown bronzers on the highest points of your face.”

Rule 3 “Dab an opal or white cream illuminator on your Cupid’s bow to make teeth appear bright and sparkly. Be sure to stay clear of golden shimmery creams as they will bring out any yellow in the teeth.”

Good dentist

Skip the cowboys and find a reliable dentist through The British Association of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Visit Dr Joe Oliver at the Welbeck Clinic - Whitening starts at £545 and veneers start at £695.

By Alice Ripman

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