Le Geek C’est Chic: How Kendall's Inspired A Specs Revival

Le Geek C’est Chic: How Kendall's Inspired A Specs Revival

Geeky is not a word you would normally associate with the Kardashians but when Kendall stepped out looking more Velma from Scooby Doo than Vesper Lynd (Bond girl) it immediately made us want to bag a bit of her specs appeal….

Let’s hear it for the nerds, the techs and the dorks. No longer the social pariahs they might have been when we were all growing up, geek chic is now officially a ‘thing’ (look it up if you don’t believe us – it’s in the Oxford Dictionary). Put it down to a backlash against the Barbie-doll ideal of beauty, the fact we’re all getting ridiculously excited about the new Star Wars movie or that the digital revolution has meant that we’re all having to get more techie, but brains are the new beauty.

So what does this mean in hair and make-up terms? It’s not enough to don a pair of NHS glasses you know, geek chic is all about channelling a slightly androgynous look with a monochromatic make-up palette and a sloppy chignon or school-girl plait (team with a mustard polo neck, A-line skirt, Mary Janes and a rain mac – train time logbook optional). The question is, which geek are you?


Where?: We're in classic trainspotter territory here. Spotted at the AW15 Max Mara show she’s fond of anoraks and 50s-style glasses.
How?: Inspired by an “off duty Marilyn Monroe” (not that Marilyn could ever be described as a geek!) the  hair was beachy, the skin was lightly sun-kissed, the brows were groomed and a hint of an eyeliner wing could be seen peeking out of the corners of the eye.



Where?: DSquared SS15. A bit sexy-secretary, this character is the nerdy post-boy’s secret crush.
How?: “Geek girls dressing glam,’ was how make-up maestro Gordon Espinet summed up the look. The face was lightly contoured and the lips taken down a notch with some creamy concealer leaving the main focus on the clumpy mascara (up to 10 layers of the stuff!). “If you think you’ve put too much on add another layer” he instructed his team.




Where?: Spied at Gucci’s SS16 show, this geek digs reading her feminist books whilst secretly day-dreaming about bagging a groovy boyfriend.
How: “She’s an unusual beauty. Remember that one girl in school you weren’t that sure what to think about?” says hairstylist Paul Hanlon who gave some of the girls a ‘natural’ wave whilst plaiting others. For make-up it was all about the art of no make-up make-up with a subtle flush and a wash of taupe around the eyes. 

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