Flip Manis: The Nail Art Trend That's Set To Sky-Rocket

Flip Manis: The Nail Art Trend That's Set To Sky-Rocket
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Thought you'd tried every nail art trick in the book? Think again...

Nail art isn't exactly a new concept but we have to admit that we didn't see this talon-trend coming. Not by a long shot... 

Not content with merely adoring the top of their nails, the world's hottest manicurists have started bejewelling, painting and doodling on the under-side of their nails too, coining it as a 'flip mani', and we reckon it's about to go stellar. 

It all kick-started when songstress Ciara showed off her flip mani on Instagram and since then it's been big news on the nail art circuit, taking the LA manicure-set by storm.


Yes, it might sound bizarre but as these shots prove, when they're done right, they can have seriously cool results. 

If you're a lover of kooky nails and bright polishes, then you'll be well versed in the fact that they're not exactly work-appropriate. However, because no-one can directly see your flip mani unless you really want them to, it'll give you the perfect arty fix minus any funny looks from your boss. Simply paint a neutral or sophisticated colour on the top of your nail and go full-on with the under side. Problem solved. 

The easiest way to recreate the look for yourself is by getting your hands on a false nail kit, working out where the nail will start to show from below once in place and then start working up your nail art from that point. Whether you choose an ultra-bright hue, a cute pattern or to up-the-ante with 3D jewels and charms, it's entirely up to you; anything goes. 

If you go all out on the add-ons, simply use the nail-glue included in the kit to attach them onto the false talon securely. Gloss over with a clear top coat, let them set, fix the falsey in place and you're good to go. 

So, will you be giving the quirky flip mani a try? Tweet us your results at @InStyle_UK using the hashtag #InStyleFlipMani... 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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