Feed your skin with Éminence Organic Skincare

Feed your skin with Éminence Organic Skincare

Free of chemicals, perfumes and dyes, the Éminence Organic Skincare range has a whole host of tasty sounding (and smelling) treats to keep your skin lush this summer.

Coconut, watermelon, papaya, mango and chocolate ...no we're not talking dessert, we're talking skincare ingredients. No wonder Winona Ryder, Renée Zellweger and Alicia Silverstone are fans of the handmade Hungarian organic skincare brand Éminence.

The current British climate may not have us all running for our SPFs (surprise, surprise) but when the sun does come out, make out like Winona and try the Sun Defense Mineral Powder (£39).

Available in six shades and with a SPF of 30 (good news for we pasty ones), the control action brush means you can keep it light for the beach (it's waterproof so you're good to frolic in the sea) or vamp it up for a night out.

And when it's time to give your skin a bit of TLC, Éminence has got it covered with their new Organic Coco-Luscious Range. Try the Mango Night Cream (£43) to soothe away those late summer nights whilst you (finally) sleep and the Watermelon Papaya Body Butter (£27) for ultimate skin rehydration. Delish!

Check out the Éminence range here.

By Abigail Radnor

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