EXCLUSIVE: InStyle Meets Katy Perry

EXCLUSIVE: InStyle Meets Katy Perry

We caught up with Katy Perry to talk fragrance, fashion and being Queen for the day...

To celebrate the launch of her new fragrance, Killer Queen, we caught up with multi-talented songstress Katy Perry, who gave us the lowdown on style, female empowerment, and what she'd do if she was Queen for the day...

What inspired you to make this fragrance?

I am fascinated by the monarchy system in Great Britain and the idea of a Queen having the highest power. Killer Queen is about strength and female empowerment. This is why the scent has some powerful notes to add the tiniest touch of masculinity, and strength.

The bottle design was also really important for me - when I was growing up Jean Paul Gaultier was the most influential bottle designer because they stood out, so when it came to me creating a fragrance it was also important for me to have a stand-out bottle. I’m so pleased with the final design of Killer Queen and love the way the bottle lays so elegantly on its side.

Is female empowerment an important message to you?

Definitely! This fragrance was also inspired by the lyrics of the song Killer Queen Freddie Mercury painted amazing lyrics about a woman that is strong and fun, that doesn’t care too much about outside perception.

My latest single Roar is all about me finding the strength to stand-up for myself, and to myself. When you are a kid there are a lot of bullies in the playground, then you grow-up and people aren’t so outwardly mean, but you find yourself being your biggest bully in the way of your own success, personally and professionally.

I have more confidence now than ever before because I have done a lot of internal work; I’ve also been through a big change in my life in the past year. This time last year I was very unbalanced; professionally I was at the height of my career, and personally I was very immature. I have done a lot of processing of ideas, read incredible books to help my psychological state, and therapy, and now it’s a lot more balanced.

What's your number one beauty must-have?

Depends on what I’m doing at the time, today I’m vamping it up with a red lip and eyeliner which I also wear in the Killer Queen campaign.  But you’ll notice that the cover for my current single Roar and for my new album shows me with a more natural make-up look. I have a record coming out in October and the lyrics reveal a more vulnerable side to me, so a natural approach to my image only felt right.

Do you have any fitness tips to share with InStyle readers?

I love adventure, being outdoors and experiencing my location. If I was Queen for the day I would make everyone go hiking. Being outside getting fresh air and exercise is so important and good for your mind.

Which of your red carpet looks has been your favourite?

I actually wore Christopher Kane to a recent ‘I Heart Radio’ event and that is one of my favourite looks to date. I also LOVE Pamela Love jewellery, that’s where the choker I wore to the event is from – she’s amazing.

Who is your favourite fashion designer and why?

I love Giuseppe [Zanotti] and [Christian] Louboutin, but my absolute favourite shoe designer in the world at the moment is Charlotte Olympia, she has humour and her designs are so cute. She has a Halloween line that just came out - I love Halloween, so that is a definite favorite at the moment! NL

Katy Perry Killer Queen Eau de Parfum is available in stores nationwide now. Prices start from £23.50.

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