Body Confidence? 50 Is The Magic Number According To Elle (‘The Body’) Macpherson

Body Confidence? 50 Is The Magic Number According To Elle (‘The Body’) Macpherson

She recently claimed that turning 50 has made her more secure with her body (just google her in a bikini and prepare to weep). We caught up with the original supermodel (inbetween leaping off yachts in St Tropez) to find out how she does it

Change is good

"My body’s been through a lot of changes from getting pregnant to getting over pregnancy to getting pregnant again…. I’m not complaining as there have been gifts in all of the changes so I’ve welcomed them but as I approached 50 I’ve really noticed how completely different my body is to say, when I was in my twenties. Everything from hormones to digestion to my circulatory system."

Pump up the volume

"I like to listen to music when I work out. One of the best birthday presents ever was a mix tape my son made me of all the music he thought I’d like. He’s 17 so there’s quite a lot of hip-hop and dub-step on there which I’m really enjoying as I find it just helps get you going especially in the gym."

Switch it up

"When I was younger I tended to stick to one thing exercise-wise like only working out in the gym but as I’ve matured I’ve realized that variety is the way to go as it keeps me motivated. Now I put aside an hour every day where I can do whatever I want for my body in that time. For example today I scheduled in an hour of physiotherapy as I tore a ligament earlier in the year. Other days I might do a beach boot camp, spin, have a massage or do yoga -  it basically depends on what I feel I need that day but if I want to get particularly toned for something I make sure the exercises I do are more targeted."

Get out more

"As an Aussie, I’d rather be outside paddle-boarding or hiking than in a gym but when I do go I tend to opt for aerobic exercise so I’ll do 15 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of core exercise. But it has to be in the morning as otherwise my day gets way too busy which often means I don’t make it. My favourite gym here in London is the Belgravia as they take a really holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing."

Go alkaline

"I always thought I was pretty healthy but it’s actually really hard to get all the nutrients you need through the food you eat, which is why I developed my Super Elixir as it’s an all-in-one good quality supplement that feeds your body right down to the cells. Wellness has been seen as a bit brown rice and Birkenstocks but I think women are realizing that being well-nourished can totally change the way you look and feel. When I discovered the PH balance in the body can affect your health I decided to cut out the more acidic elements of my lifestyle and now follow an alkaline diet – it’s not just about food, it’s about getting more sleep and drinking more water too."

Scrub Up

"I scrub and moisturise my body twice a day. I like a scrub with particles in it like sugar scrubs but I’ll go for anything I can find really. What I am quite particular about though is moisturisers. My favourites are French pharmacy moisturisers like Embryolisse, £XX as they’re just really no-nonsense, good quality creams. If I’m training outside, I use Invisible Zinc which is a product I discovered in Australia when I did a campaign for them many years ago, I think it’s probably one of the best SPF’s on the market."

But at the end of the day it's also good to know Elle is just like us. Did someone mention caffeine?....

"I drink espresso every morning. I know it’s not good for me and I’m always telling everyone, including my kids, to start the day with half a litre of water followed by something easily digestible like stewed apples but I just haven’t been able to to kick my espresso habit yet, it’s really frustrating. I think coffee really does affect the body. It revs you up, leaves you irritable, it’s not good for the cells and it can certainly make me hot headed! At some point I’ll swap it for green tea but I haven’t got to that stage yet."

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