Dove Asks: Are You Average Or Beautiful?

Intro Deck: 

Dove is back with another thought-provoking video exploring our perceptions of beauty.

Since launching its Real Beauty campaign in 2004, Dove has  been a pioneer in the beauty industry as one of the first brand's  to take steps in shaking up our ideas of what it means to be beautiful.

And although the skincare brand might have come under fire for its use of the word 'real' (suggesting that other, more traditional, models are in some way not real), its message has always been a positive and important one in trying to change the ways we look at ourselves and each other.

But, clearly, there's still a long way to go if Dove's latest advert is anything to go by. Entitled Choose Beautiful, the new film shows women from around the world faced with making the decision whether to walk through a door labelled 'Beautiful' or one labelled 'Average.'


No prizes for guessing which door the majority of the women chose.  'I went through the "Average" door...I didn't even hesitate', said one of women in the video. The aim of the video? To highlight recent research that indicates a staggering 96 per cent of women would not choose the word 'beautiful' to describe themselves. And, of course, to help us to change that.

So, what door would you walk through?

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