Which Everyday Drink Could Be Making Your Contraceptive Pill Ineffective?

Which Everyday Drink Could Be Making Your Contraceptive Pill Ineffective?

The high street's biggest detox tea brands have come under fire after a string of unwanted pregnancies were reported by their consumers. Here's why...

Detox tea has fast become a kitchen cupboard staple for anyone looking to shed a few pounds or keep up a healthy lifestyle, and it's all thanks to a few famous faces. 19-year-old model of the moment, Kendall Jenner, attributed the drink to keeping her figure trim, especially during Fashion Week, and since then everyone seems to have gone positively crazy for the stuff. 

As part of a very balanced diet, it can help you lose some extra pounds thanks to its famed antioxidant properties. However, now that it's officially holiday season and the figures of people sipping on the tea have reached an all-time high, it's become swiftly apparent that there's a major problem with how we're using the health product. 

Bootea's 'Teatox' programme has become one of the best-selling detox tea products in the UK, but now a string of it's consumers have reported that they've fallen unexpectedly pregnant during the time frame that they've been drinking the tea, even though they're on the contraceptive pill. Yikes! 

What's causing it, you ask? In short, the tea's 'laxative effect'.

Yep, in exchange for regular bowel movements, women have found themselves pregnant, and while many of the ladies involved have been ultimately happy with their discovery, it's no doubt come as a major shock to all of them as, you know, they were kind of on the pill for a reason. 

Before we all ceremoniously throw our china mugs off the nearest wall, grab our pitchforks and go after Bootea and other the high street detox tea labels, the company maintains that it isn't actually at fault, even though there's no warning on its direct packaging. In the FAQ section on the Bootea website, the brand clearly states: 'Bootea may affect the accuracy of the pill IF you take your pill in the morning within 4 hours of the laxative effect. If you take the pill at night you will be fine as it takes around 10 hours for the laxative effect of the night time tea bags to set in.'

To be fair, Bootea - and the other detox tea brands that state the same thing in their small print - have a point. When you're on the pill you're advised that if your physically sick within four hours of taking it, you could be at risk of getting pregnant, so why shouldn't a drink that literally flushes out your system be the same? It seems obvious now, doesn't it? 

Of course, there's no need to give up your detox tea fix — you just NEED to be sure to give the effects of the tea a considered amount of time to work their magic before you take your pill, or vice versa.

We don't know about you, but we definitely needed this wake up call... 

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