Demi's Beauty Secrets Revealed!

Demi's Beauty Secrets Revealed!

We uncover Demi Moore's favourite products from the original 'green' company Weleda.

There's no denying Demi Moore's one hot mama. With her glowing skin and sparkling eyes, it's hard to believe she's creeping close to 50 now.

So we're all ears when it comes to hearing her beauty secrets. And the best bit is you don't need an A-lister's pay packet to afford them.

Apparently Mrs Kutcher is a big fan of Weleda skincare products - the award-winning natural healthcare company which champions organic and biodynamically farmed ingredients.

She especially loves their birch body scrub, which uses non-abrasive wax pearls to gently buff skin to perfection and is fab for helping to tackle cellulite.

She's also partial to their wild rose body oil, ideal for body massage or as a facial treatment. And their wild rose creamy body wash which is rich in essential fatty acids - wonderful for dry stressed skin.

All the products are free from chemical nasties, parabens and petrochemicals and ethically sourced, with prices starting from £7.95. Free Ashton sadly not included.

Check out for info on all their natural products.

By Anna Goumal


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