Game Set Match: Grooming Trends At Wimbledon

Game Set Match: Grooming Trends At Wimbledon

The grooming bar (or should we say net?) has been set high at Wimbledon this year already. It’s all about neat beards, towering quiffs and of course David Beckham’s right hand.

The ultimate spectator sport at Wimbledon 2014 was of course not the tennis, rather watching Bradley Cooper and his pal Gerard Butler watch the tennis.  Both immaculately turned out, they were a sight for sore eyes.  This year Cooper has kept a low profile in Federer’s box with a backwards baseball cap and no apparent sign of his double act in tow.   Disappointing, but his low profile has made room for some new contenders in the style ranks for 2015.

Here are our favourite grooming trends from this year’s tournament...

David Beckham’s perfect MAN-icure:

It would be David Beckham who caught the rogue ball during the men’s double’s match this week. I mean who else?!!   Cue a large number of close up photos of Becks’ right hand (as opposed to his right foot for once…).  Just like the rest of him Beckham’s hand was immaculate – perfectly manicured in fact.  “David Beckham. The King of Groom” commented manicurist Adam Slee, “I can't think of any other man that could do a manicured hand better than him.  More 'hands' clapped at his catch than at the doubles match!” 


The Wimbledon Beard:

Forget whites, thick beards are definitely on the dress list for centre court this year.  Nothing scraggly mind, keep it neat and tidy.  Follow James Middleton’s lead and go for half an inch of added length under the chin. It also needs to be well brushed according to Alex Glover the Head Barber at Murdock London. His top tip is to use a beard brush through from top to bottom.  “Brush the hair outwards from the face so that the longer strands are visible.  This will remove knots and leave the hair nice and smooth like James’s beard”.  If longer isn’t your thing, keep it short and sharp like musician Drake did on the same day.

The Demi-Side Part:

The linesmen had a tough time deciding on this one.  It’s not quite a centre parting, it’s not a comb over and nor is it a low side parting.  The demi-side part was sported by Josh Hartnett, Bradley Cooper and also Katherine Jenkins’ husband Andrew Levitas - although Hartnett’s ‘do skirted dangerously close to curtains. The jury’s out as to whether curtains are coming back round again…

The Highlights Quiff:

It was bad luck if you had the seat behind either Niall Horan or gymnast Louis Smith as the pair both sported almost anti-socially tall quiffs for their visits…


The Summer Suit:

Our favourite look from Wimbledon 2015 has got to be Benedict Cumberbatch's chambray blue suit and mint tie at the finals. The actor looked on as Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer alongside his father, actor Timothy Carlton. Though David Beckham looked beaut (obviously), we rate Cumberbatch's take on summery Wimbledon chic, so he gets our vote for best dressed.


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