Daisy Lowe On Why She's OCD About Her Beauty Regime And What She's Wearing This Halloween

Daisy Lowe On Why She's OCD About Her Beauty Regime And What She's Wearing This Halloween

As the new ambassador for Rodial, Daisy Lowe knows a thing or to about beauty. The model and author gave us the lowdown on her (pretty serious) beauty regime, her favourite fashion buys, and what she's wearing this Halloween...

Daisy Lowe has just been named as the face and ambassador of Rodial's new sculpting make-up collection, which is launching at Harvey Nichols next week. We caught up with Daisy over breakfast to discuss all things beauty, what her failsafe party look is and what she's going to wear this Halloween…

InStyle: Hi Daisy! So what first drew you to working with Rodial?

Daisy Lowe: I've always been a big fan of the Rodial product range anyway. I'm a firm believer in supporting the brands I've worked with and the products I genuinely love. They gave me the Woman of the Year award in April which was so mental. I was like, 'what do you mean I got the big one?' And I got on really well with Maria [Hatzistefanis, the founder of Rodial], so it was just a natural progression from that, and then she asked me to become an ambassador. I checked out all the stuff and loved all of it, so I was just really thrilled that they asked me.

IS: Do you have a strict beauty regime? Or are you someone who falls asleep in their make-up?

DL: Oh no, no no. I'm so OCD when it comes to all that stuff. At 17 I had really bad skin, and at 20 it came back with a vengeance, so I know I have to look after it. Every night I take off my make up with this great product called Ayur-Medic (I alternate between an antibacterial wash and a calming cleanse), which has all the best natural ingredients and all the best chemical ingredients for your skin in one – it's what cleared up my skin in the first place. I follow that up with the P50 Lotion by Biologique Recherche – I love French pharmaceuticals – and then I use a retinol cream to sleep in. It's a lot, but however late it is, I do it. It's kind of annoying.

IS: Well, it's definitely working for you – your skin is flawless.

DL: Ha, well, it's working for me now, but let's see what happens in 10 years…

IS: Do you enjoy wearing make-up and getting ready for a night out?

DL: I do, but I like doing it as quickly as humanly possible because I think life has too much to offer to be spending hours in front of the mirror. I enjoy the process of putting on make-up, but even more I like the results. Once it's on I'm like 'Oh, I feel like a human again!'

IS: With the festive season just around the corner, what's your failsafe beauty look that you turn to?

DL: Well, I'm very excited about December and I think it's really lovely around the Christmas and New Year period to throw a bit of sparkle on. I love using a highlighter, and I'll wear a little bit of a smokey line, lots of mascara and a little bit of sparkle here [points at her cheekbones] and a little bit of sparkle here [motions at her chest] because it's Christmas, right? When else can we bit that merry?

IS: And what about party outfits? Do you have a favourite?

DL: There's a couple of them that I always wear, but it changes every year. I have this one 1930s dress that I know for Christmas parties is always a good un. But it's falling to pieces, so I really shouldn't wear it anymore. But I just found this amazing vintage dress in Palm Springs. It's black crepe, with perfect panelling and falls just below the knee which is always so nice. And it has sparkles – I found it and was like 'My perfect Christmas dress!'

IS: Which labels never fail to disappoint?

DL: Every winter I end up falling in love with – and for the past two years I've bought myself – a pair of Prada boots. These are them [shows us a pair of knee-high leather boots. InStyle approves]. I bought them a week ago and haven't taken them off. We were doing some of the press for this and I couldn't even concentrate because all I could think about was the Prada boots. People would ask what I wanted and all I could reply was 'Prada boots.'

Then as far as clothes go, Christopher Kane and Erdem are always amazing but very expensive, so it's really only one item a year if that. Definitely a very big treat. But The one label I really love is Reformation. They. Are. Amazing. I love the ethos behind the company, and they do classic 30s or 70s shape and it always looks expensive, even though it's not.

IS: It's Halloween! What's your costume this year?

DL: Oh God I don't know and I'm really panicking. I was thinking of going standard and just dressing up as a witch, but I don't know if I can do that again. I'd quite like to get something from Atsuko Kudo, that crazy latex place. Or maybe just dead something. I've got a Dorothy costume somewhere, so maybe I could go as dead Dorothy.

IS: 2014's been a big year for you – you're the ambassador for Rodial, the new face of American Eagle, and have published a cook book – what's next?

DL: It's been mad and amazing. I'm very, very grateful. I've got a couple of really exciting things coming up that I can't really talk about, but I've still got to get through the rest of 2014 first! I'm definitely excited for next year – especially since this one's been so good.

Daisy Lowe is the UK Ambassador for Rodial Make-up. Rodial Make-up launches into Harvey Nichols from 7th November and on-line at rodial.co.uk

By Olivia Marks

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