Customise your manicure!

Customise your manicure!

Groom at Selfridges introduces the perfect pick ‘n’ mix mani menu for time-pressed ladies!

No one understands beauty multi-tasking better than Groom. The same folks who brought you the ‘Two Therapist’ treatments (cutting down your beautifying time in half!) know how busy we London gals are, which is why they’ve launched the perfect Pick ‘n’ Mix mani at the Groom Nail bar in Selfridges.


Choose the elements of the traditional manicure you need most within a 15 or 30-minute time slot and your hands will be transformed in a jiffy! For instance, if you don’t have time to sit and wait for your varnish to dry but badly need a file and cuticle work, the expert therapists can customise the mani just for you.

Groom Nails also offers a host of other treatments, from Groom Party Hands, where your nails will be transformed with on-trend designs, to the Groom Semi-Permanent Manicure, where the revolutionary Shellac system will ensure you have flawless digits for at least two weeks.

Get moving, busy girls!

The Pick 'n' Mix manicure starts at £15 for 15 minutes. Get more details here.

By Maria Milano   

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