Could This Be The Best Foundation Ever?

Could This Be The Best Foundation Ever?

When it comes to the new Lancôme cushion foundations - we're all about that base...

Finding the right foundation is a bit like meeting the right man – it can take a while. In fact, it’s complicated. You have that temporary flirtation with a low investment tinted moisturiser that inevitably has to end one day. Then there’s the long-term relationship with a sturdy, reliable mid range foundation – that works just fine. But in your heart? You just know there’s something better out there for you. And finally, you encounter it – the one. It doesn’t just sit on your skin, it kind of IS your skin. Like the Mini-Me of make up, it completes you.

And just when I was least expecting it, I met my ONE. Of course, like all good rom com heroes, it wasn’t what I anticipated ending up with at all. It was called a ‘miracle cushion’ for a start, which didn’t sound very luxe, in fact, it sounded positively Toys R Us.  But foundation cushions have been a beauty hit for at least 6 years in Korea, (where women pride themselves on prioritising perfect looking skin above all else.) And beauty experts had talked in hushed tones to me about their legendary dream blend of cream foundation’s staying power and silky liquid foundation’s dewy properties.

And now those clever people at Lancôme have come up with their very own Miracle Cushion Foundation and it had me at hello. So where to start with this life changer? Here are 5 reasons why I’ll never look back from a cushion foundation..

1. The compact is really gorgeous for a practical product. I mean really ‘take out at an Ivy table’ gorgeous. It’s elegant and chic and a super discreet and non-messy way of getting a dewy foundation look while you’re on the go. In fact I’m calling it completely taxi friendly.

2. The cushion concept is kind of genius – there’s a little applicator sponge, which you dip into the foundation cushion and use to dab over your face. And whatever your skin type – it just seems to offer the most brilliant subtle but flawless coverage without drying you out or making you look too shiny.

3. It doubles up as a brilliant emergency cover up, I just dabbed my finger on the springy surface and used it to touch up redness and blemishes and it lasted all day. And into the evening – in fact it made it through at least 6 glasses of champagne and a cab home.

4. It’s a thin consistency so you can build your base gradually, but the end result will be the perfect blend of dewy and matt, it’s like you get the full coverage without having to paying the tax of clogged pores and dryness. You will glow. That’s a promise.  

4. It’s cost effective – it’s £29.50 for the initial compact but after that you just purchase refills for £19.50 a go. Twenty pounds for perfect skin – it’s a lot cheaper than dermabrasion. And you won’t have to sit in a Harley Street clinic being given dirty looks by a receptionist with scarily high eyebrows.

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