Collagen Boosters – Why Your Skin Is About To Get Lucky

Collagen Boosters – Why Your Skin Is About To Get Lucky

They’re the no-brainer beauty hacks to plumper, younger-looking skin and now this new wave of collagen-building products are about to make your complexion very happy…

Collagen. We vaguely know it’s a good thing but do we really know why? Ok, back to beauty school ladies; In a nut-shell it’s the structural protein that forms the scaffolding for cells, tissues (including the skin) and organs in the body. In other words, it’s that youthful padding that keeps our complexions wrinkle-free. The bad news? “We lose one percent of our collagen every year starting at age twenty. The more collagen we lose, the more fine lines and wrinkles appear which is why it’s essential we work to increase our collagen levels as we age,” says derm to the stars and founder of Murad skincare Dr Howard Murad. Read it and weep!

So what can be done? Well skincare is a pretty good place to start but let’s first be clear about the difference between the products that contain collagen and those that actually boost it. “Collagen is too large to penetrate to the dermis to replenish diminishing stores of collagen and reduce wrinkles,” says cosmetic dermatologist extraordinaire Dr Sam Bunting ( . “When used in skincare it functions like a moisturizer just like a lot of other ingredients, and won't have anything more than a temporary plumping effect. Instead, look for ingredients that actually help to boost it from within.” Our favourites?

Balance me Collagen Boost Restore And Replenish Face Cream, £40,
A natural peptide complex works to boost collagen as well the skin’s ability to repair itself whilst ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid keeps skin supple and intensely moisturized.

Skinade, £90, for 30 day course,
Boost collagen levels from within with this (not unpleasant-tasting) beauty drink packed full of high-grade collagen and micro-nutrients.

Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum, £24.95,
Claiming to give even better results against lines and wrinkles than it’s much-loved predecessor, this new and improved formulation is proven to boost collagen levels over time.

M2 Beaute Eyezone Conditioning Care Complex, £36,
Give your lashes some love too with this eyelash-strengthening formula which contains hydrolysed collagen to add moisture and shine.

Murad Limited Edition Rapid Collagen Infusion, £65, which donates £10 from every product sold to The Princes Trust.
Slightly different to the other skincare products here as it does in fact contain collagen although it's in its micronised  form (ie collagen broken down into it’s amino acid components) so that they’re small enough to penetrate the skin. The ‘Collagen Support Complex’ also contains an anti-aging peptide blend to hit wrinkles and sagging from all angles. 

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