Chloe Norgaard’s 5 Favourite Hair Colours

Chloe Norgaard’s 5 Favourite Hair Colours

The 24-year-old American model with the most buzzed about mane talk us through her all-time favourite hair hues

Pink power
When she wore it: May 2013
“I love that this colour was basically pastel but still had bright accents,” says Norgaard. “I started with dark purple and pink tresses which faded to pastel. Then, I bleached my roots and added more streaks of pink to get the look.”

Top tip: It’s a fact – bleaching your hair looks amazing but it strips it of all moisture. Boost hydration for over-processed hair with a super-rich hair mask. Apply it in the shower after shampooing and leave it on for at least 5 minutes – the steam will help it to penetrate deeper into the hair leaving you with super-silky locks once dry.

Green machine
When she wore it: September 2013
“I call this green slime!” says Norgaard. “I chose the colour because fashion week was coming up and I’ve never seen green hair on the runway. I’d definitely go this shade again because it’s the colour of seaweed plus it reminds me of all the good green emojis like the froggy and the cactus.”

Top tip: “Usually it’s best to ask for darker shades on top because the colours bleed but I suggest opting for lighter shades on top instead to get this effect,” advises Norgaard.

Feeling blue
When she wore it: September 2014
“I love this shade because it’s black and blue like the Backstreet Boys’ album!” affirms Norgaard. “I absolutely loved having the pastel shades against a black base. I chose this multi-shade to try out the new colour range launched by Wella called Instamatic #colourflash. I loved all six shades in the range so it was hard to decide which colours I wanted but [top celebrity hair colourist] Josh Wood is awesome so I left it up to him.”

Top tip: If you don’t have time for a hair mask try Chloe’s number one hair-saving tip instead: “Apply lots of conditioner! Josh used Wella’s SP Color Save Conditioner [£14,] on my hair, which helps to protect and prolong colour.”

Raging red
When she wore it: April 2013
“This is my interpretation of fire,” says Norgaard. “I love fire and I loved this gradient of colours. I would 100% go this shade again! It was one of my favourite hair colours I’ve ever had.”

Top tip: “These bright shades need a lot of love to maintain them,” she advises. “And avoid purifying shampoos which can strip hair of bright colours.”

Rainbow bright
When she wore it: October 2012
“Why I loved this shade? Well because it’s rainbow!” enthuses Norgaard. “I’ve done different variations of rainbow quite a few times so it’s a look that I always revert to.”

Top tip: “Be careful when shampooing your hair – try not to wash it too often as the colours bleed together after a while,” she warns. The solution? “Cold water is best.”

Wella Instamatic #colourflash service from, £15 at Josh Wood Atelier

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