Check out our fave new blog!

Check out our fave new blog!
Adele Chidwick

We’ve teamed up with the fabulous Molly Ford, whose clever little blog gives you tips on how to be smarter, prettier and less awkward. Find out more here…

Find yourself wishing you were smarter, prettier and less awkward? WE DO! And we know we’re not alone. Which is why when we stumbled upon Molly Ford’s genius blog,, we were in self-improvement heaven.

You see, every week that savvy Molly posts three essential tips on how to better yourself in the looks and brains departments. And her advice is genuinely helpful, such as: “When I spill loose powder on my clothes when doing make-up, the best way I have found to get it off is to quickly rub it off with a dry towel.” So much so that we collaborated with her to bring you her top secrets for our Best Beauty Advice page on Facebook.

Log on to our Facebook page to see what she has to say exclusively to InStyle readers! And don’t forget to share a tip yourself for your chance to be published in the September issue of InStyle.

By Maria Milano

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