CELEB BEAUTY: InStyle talks to Fearne Cotton!

CELEB BEAUTY: InStyle talks to Fearne Cotton!

InStyle caught up with Fearne Cotton to find out her top beauty tips, make-up must-haves and Christmas wishes

Brit stylista Fearne Cotton's got Christmas covered with her fab new range of beauty gifts and make-up sets, exclusive to Boots, so we chatted with the blonde beauty to find out what’s on her Christmas list this year, plus the secret to perfecting her feline flick, her make-up must-haves and more…

You've already worked in fashion with your line for Very, what was it that made you look at doing a beauty line?

It felt like the natural progression from doing that really. Everything that I do I want it to be something that I’m passionate about and authentic to what I’m about. I absolutely love make-up and I’ve always been a bit of a make-up junkie so to enter this field of work was really exciting and nerve-racking, but it’s all going very well.

Which is your favourite product from the collection?

The new Nail Art set is brilliant, I’ve been wearing them non-stop. They are either leopard print or zebra print foils that are really easy to apply and last about a week so I’ve been loving playing around with those quite a lot. We’ve also got some really nice new colours in the nail varnishes and lip glosses, there’s a really lovely clear glittery one in the lip gloss set that I’ve been wearing quite a lot. So there are things that I’m personally using more but Christmas present-wise there’s a lovely Bathing Lotions & Potions Gift Set, which is shower gel, moisturiser and a candle that smells heavenly. I spent ages picking out the scent for that one so hopefully people will like it.

You're well known for a feline flick on your eye, any tips on how to achieve it?

Practice makes perfect! Doing an eyeliner tick is never an easy thing but I tend to do a tick in kohl first and then go over it in a liquid liner so that you can get a rough estimate of where you’re headed with it. Also, it’s a less defined line, slightly more smudgy, if you have a bit of kohl underneath it.

If you focus on one feature - eye, lip, nail - which does it tend to be?

If I’m going out it’s probably eyes and if I’m in a bit of a rush I’ll always do eyes over everything else – lots of mascara and eyeliner. But I love doing my nails, I do my nails every other day. I love changing the colour and doing something different with them. I don’t think I’ve had my own colour nails since I was about 15, I don’t think I even know what they look like without nail varnish on!

And what piece of make-up do you never leave the house without?

I’d say a lip gloss or a lipstick of sorts, I hate having dry lips so any sort of a lip lubricant with a colour is good for me.

What would be your top make-up tip?

Go for whatever feature is your best, don’t try and do everything at once. And don’t try and emulate someone else’s look exactly. If you’ve got really good eyes, go for the eyes, if you’ve got great bone structure, go for the cheeks, and if you ‘ve got great lips, go for the lips, and then really make that your thing rather than just copying someone else with make-up.

How do you give your look an instant lift for day-to-night styling?

Definitely a lip colour change. If I’m in the office or at radio and I have to go out afterwards, I’d always try a brighter lip, perhaps a plummy colour or bright red or bright pink and really vamp it up in that way. That’s an instant way, I think, to look more glamorous.

How do you get Christmas party ready, do you have a routine?

I love getting ready to go to parties so I have a nice bath first and prep my skin with some nice moisturiser. Already this Christmas I’ve been wearing a glittery eye shadow, like for Children In Need I had a bronzey glittery eye and a nude lip, so I’ve been doing that a lot more which is kind of fun. 

What are you hoping to get in your stocking this Christmas?

Well what I want to do more than anything is be with my friends and family because I can’t wait to see everyone, just to do nothing and chill out and drink mulled wine. But I would like some good books to read over the Christmas period and any baking paraphernalia is always welcome in my house too - I’m a big keen baker, I bake every few days.

So is a baking line next?

Maybe in a decade or so! Might be a bit early for that one just yet!

Fearne’s exclusive Christmas beauty gift range is available online at boots.com and in store at Boots nationwide now.

By Sarah Smith

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