Cate Blanchett’s Best Beauty Secrets Revealed: Read Our Exclusive Interview

Cate Blanchett’s Best Beauty Secrets Revealed: Read Our Exclusive Interview

How does Cate Blanchett always look so flawless? The Blue Jasmine star shares her ultimate beauty secrets with InStyle...

Cate Blanchett is one of Hollywood’s truest stars, a beauty icon and fashion inspiration the world over. Having maintained an air of mystery throughout her longstanding career, the Blue Jasmine star reveals her ultimate beauty secrets, as we met her for an exclusive chat.

‘I feel like my skin is more resilient and balanced than it was in my early thirties, and that’s because of SK-II,’ said the 44-year-old, Oscar-winning actress and Global Ambassador of SK-II.

‘I discovered the brand going on for 12 years ago. I was pregnant with our first child and I’d noticed a change in my skin – I’d developed melasma. A friend of mine, make-up artist Mary Greenwell, had come across the brand and she said ‘why don’t you try this, it’s meant to be really nourishing’.

‘I’m a real skeptic when it comes to things like that, all the instructions were in Japanese, and I didn’t know what you did with the essence,’ she says on the brand’s signature benefit. 'Within a couple of weeks I did notice a change, and then I started to look into the rest of the brand.'

Her go-to product? ‘It’s still the Facial Treatment Essence, but they’ve revamped it and they’ve introduced the LXP range, so I’ve moved onto that.

‘All of the products have Pitera in them, which no other skincare line has. And it has illuminating properties, it feeds the roots of your skin, it’s really hydrating and [great for] that dreaded thing, anti-aging.’

But even the Australian star admits to having had her share of beauty disasters: ‘I shaved my hairline years ago for when I was playing Queen Elizabeth, and that took forever to grow back. The make-up artist waxed it, so I probably wouldn’t do that again…. And I bleached my eyelashes which probably wasn’t great for them either.

‘Anything that takes too much time I quickly jettison,’ admits the busy mum-of-three.

SK-II Essential Power Essence

SK-II is available exclusively on counter at Harrods and online at

Have you tried any of the SK-II products yet?

By Jessica Bridgeman

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