Can A Rainbow Hairbrush Really Bring An End To Flat Hair Days?

Can A Rainbow Hairbrush Really Bring An End To Flat Hair Days?

Is the answer to our limp hair woes somewhere over the rainbow? We put Eye Candy’s multi-coloured Rainbow Volume Brush to the test to see if it really can give our hair a volume boost – sans products.

Hair – it’s the area where bigger generally equals better and we’re always on the hunt for ways to inflate our locks to just-stepped-out-of-the-salon levels of volume. So when we heard about a hairbrush that claimed to “give your hair maximum volume and fullness with use just once a day,” we knew that we had to give it a try.

So what is this miracle-worker of a brush and how does it fulfill its lofty promises? Well, the tool in question is Eye Candy’s Rainbow Volume Brush (£12, and wiggly plastic S shaped bristles are the secret behind its volume-boosting properties, as they create air pockets in the hair to revive a blow dry and amp up flat hair. That’s the claim anyway. The reality?

As a long-time limp hair sufferer, Acting Beauty Assistant Catherine Scale gave the brush a test-drive to see if it would live up to the hype. Here’s the before and after:

 photo Catherine Scale GIF hair brush_zpszvtqbi7f.gif

The verdict: “I was sceptical that a hair brush that looked like it was made for a Bratz doll would have any impact on my hair as it’s so long, which means it’s easily weighed down. However, I was pleasantly surprised as it did make quite a difference to my usually flat tresses. Using it reminded me of blowing up a deflated balloon; it was a bit surreal that the new-found volume it added actually stayed put. I love that I can get bigger hair without relying on a large dose of mousse or hairspray. It’s something I’ll definitely keep in my handbag from now on to pep up my hair throughout the day.”

We say: Not bad for a quick sweep of a hairbrush.

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