Cameron Diaz's favourite moisturiser

Cameron Diaz's favourite moisturiser

Find out how Cameron is 37, and wrinkle-free!

On top of being one of Hollywood’s hottest properties, Cameron Diaz has looks to die for and a flawless complexion that belies her 37 years. Want to know her secret? So did we.. 

A bit of digging from our LA spies revealed that Cam is going crazy for new Adonia Stemulift anti-ageing cream.

She says: ‘Adonia Stemulift removes wrinkles and blemishes, makes me look younger and helps me face the day”

Packed with nourishing anti-ageing botanicals like rosemary, ginger and neroli oils, it’s the natural alternative to botox and fillers. And it promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by a whopping 43% in just 9 days!

With a list of celeb devotees longer than Paris Hilton’s hair extensions, including Megan Fox and Anne Hathaway, it’s time to join the queue, ladies.

Get yours at, or call 0845 512 0060 


By Jess Tibbits



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