Calling all sunworshippers!

Calling all sunworshippers!

The latest landing from the US is a new technology to banish sun-tell signs and the A-list are loving it already...

Who doesn't love a sun-kissed glow, but those wrinkles, lines and age-spots? They're the bits we don't want! Introducing NIA24, a range that sounds like it means serious business.

We've heard Michelle Williams saying: "it's the best I've ever tried" and British beauty guru Josephine Fairley (author of The Beauty Bible) has been stocking up on it for her Barbados hols.

So what's the fuss? The brains behind the brand have concocted a high-tech way of delivering a form of vitamin B to repair and condition skin and rewind any signs of previous damage. And here comes the best bit - the clinical studies have shown that 90% of testers saw a reduction in hyperpigmentation and 82% improvement in texture - a seriously impressive result for any sun-lover! Even the expert bods at the National Cancer Institute have given it the thumbs-up.

And it's not just sunseekers who should listen up; if you've been trialling the latest skin therapies, the recovery products work wonders at speeding up repair. With a mineral sunscreen, cleanser, scrub, eye cream, hand and décolletage cream and recovery complex in the range, this clearly the only skincare products we'll be packing this summer.

From £24.47, available online at

By Yanar Alkayat


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