Brighten up your skin

Brighten up your skin

Origins introduces a natural alternative to laser treatments to give your skin that summery glow.

It's summertime and we all want radiant, glowing skin smiling back at us in the mirror. The harsh reality, however, is uneven skin tone and a dull complexion. The festival season is upon us and we are living the toxic dream with late, boozy nights and UV ray-filled days.

But worry no more because the geniuses at Origins have developed a natural alternative to laser treatments. Brighter by Nature is a new skin tone-correcting serum which uses potent plant ingredients to help eliminate the appearance of stubborn dark spots and dullness. With ingredients such as vitamin C, Japanese basil leaf and salicylic acid, the potion works to restore visible damage and clarity to reveal a radiant balanced complexion. No more premature ageing for us!

Brighter By Nature, £30, Origins. Available nationwide from August.

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By Zoe Robertson

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