Boots Protect & Perfect launches 'miracle serum'

Boots Protect & Perfect launches 'miracle serum'
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Boots Protect and Perfect is the anti-ageing line that launched a thousand waiting lists, and there's a brand new intensive serum in the range which will melt wrinkles: Fact!

This is not an empty promise - according to the spods at Boots No7, the range has undergone 12 months of rigorous, men-in-white-coats-style scientific testing. As the name suggests, this is the pimped-up version of the original; it includes the same active ingredients (retinyl palitate, antioxidants and firming peptides) with alfalfa added into the mix. This added ingredient allows the serum to fight deeper lines than before.

Apply the rich serum under your moisturiser and according to Boot's 12 month research you will immediately have softer, smoother skin. After two weeks use expect your skin to be firmer and after three weeks fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. By week four, skin is younger looking.

Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum is £19.75 and available from

By Pat McNulty




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