This New Hair Dye Technique Just Made Nailing Perfect Beach Blonde Locks Super Easy

This New Hair Dye Technique Just Made Nailing Perfect Beach Blonde Locks Super Easy

Say goodbye to hair destroying highlights, this is the new way to get that perfect Summer blonde. InStyle's Editor Charlotte Moore tried it for herself…

Calling all wannabe blondes - this is one for you. We've all been there, your roots are starting to show but after the last dodgy highlight job that left you looking scarily like  Christina Agiulera in her 'Dirty' phase, you're not feeling overly keen on paying the same salon another visit.

The solution? Sack off the old school Nicole Richie stripes, we're getting ourselves some 'Illuminatique'. Sounds snazzy, doesn't it? That's because it is. The latest in-salon hair dyeing technique, 'Illuminatique' is a highlighting game changer.

So what is it?

Illuminatique, for blondes 'breaks the base' to blend the roots of hair left after a highlight, essentially breaking up the darker colour and softening the line of demarcation. After the hair has been highlighted, it’s rinsed and towel dried and then this is when the Illuminatique happens. Using a tint shade 1 or 2 levels lighter than the clients' natural hair, with a low volume developer, a few inches of the roots are lifted all over, creating an illuminating effect. This technique can also help mask the regrowth of white/grey hair.


That elusive perfect Summer beach blonde look all year round? This is how you get it. InStyle's Editor Charlotte Moore paid a visit to the man known as the 'Blonde guru of Knightsbridge' Donald Black at Neville Hair and Beauty to try it for herself…

'Donald has always done my hair, which is convenient because I'm obsessed with going to Neville's. As soon as you arrive it's like stepping into a glamour zone - think fabulously groomed hairstylists, glossy black tiled floors and architectural flowers everywhere. If there's one thing Donald loves, it's flowers.

As a blonde, there's a reason I've stayed with Donald for over ten years, simply put, he's the best in the biz. And when his blonde icon is Blake Lively, you know you're in good hands. I mean, who wouldn't want to have Blake's tumbling golden locks?

So when I arrived at my appointment and Donald suggested trying the new Illuminatique dyeing process to boost my blonde, I was in. Honestly, selling it as the way to get Sienna and Scarlett Johansson's flawlessly natural blonde tresses, had me at hello. I'm adding them to my blondespiration Pinterest board as we speak.  

Arriving with solid, mousey blonde roots, I'm expecting big things. And I'm not disappointed. Ever a pro, Donald cracks out another hair saviour in his arsenal as we're adding the Illuminatique at the sink, Olaplex. It might sound a little sci-fi but it's been dubbed as 'The Holy Grail For Hair Colour' and that's good enough for me. Perfect for anyone getting their hair coloured, Olaplex basically stops damaging chemicals from breaking the hair by helping re-build the disulphide bonds aka the bonds that keep hair strong. Which means my newly illuminated hair looks even better.

Out of the sink and after a faultless non-blowdry blow-dry (the only look I ever go for)my hair is noticeably brighter, glossier and the awkward root line is gone. I somehow look more tanned and, if I'm being generous, a little younger. I've finally achieved the beach blonde that my ten year old post-family holiday to the South Of France self nailed oh so easily. Maybe I'll add a picture of me to the Pinterest board…'

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