Blonde Ambition: Our Top 5 Flaxen-Haired Celebs

Blonde Ambition: Our Top 5 Flaxen-Haired Celebs

Do blondes have more fun? These celebrities seem to think so. From honeyed to highlighted, discover which look works best for you

Let’s face it, few of us are born that way but that’s not to say there’s no inner bombshell hidden in all of us. The key is making sure you pick the right hue for your hair and skintone. Colourist extraordinaire Sally Northwood, of George Northwood Salon fame, guides us through it.

Sienna Miller – Golden Girl
Ms Miller has gone through every shade of blonde from ashy to apricot but this honey-toned hue feels sophisticated and grown up. “This shade suits warmer skintones,” says Sally. “Keeping it broken up a bit will ensure it doesn’t go brassy so I’d personally always add a few lighter and darker pieces throughout. My must-have product to maintain the tone is Redken’s Blonde Idol Custom Tone Treatment for Warm Blondes, £17.30."


Giselle – Dark Blonde Damsel
“This shade is pretty universal but works particularly well on darker hair to give it a lift,” says Sally. “I try wherever possible to avoid taking clients darker so on the whole I would say this best suits natural brunettes with olive skintones,” making our favourite Brazilian export the perfect candidate. “This is a low-maintenance look which I’d use the balayage technique to achieve, and is also incredibly youthful.” We don’t need telling twice.


Gwen Stefani – Peroxide Princess
Commitment-phobes beware; this is not one for the faint-hearted (or those with an aversion to regular salon visits) and yet Gwen still manages to makes her bleach-blonde mane look effortlessly cool. “This shade generally suits a more porcelain skintone,” says Sally. “It’s a striking fashion-blonde which needs confidence to pull off but the disadvantages are that it’s extremely high maintenance (and therefore expensive), damaging to the hair and can also be aging.“ To maintain the health of hair for those with a peroxide habit Sally recommends using Pureology’s Perfect 4 Platinum Reconstruct Repair Masque, £21.40


Kirsten Dunst – Nordic Maiden
“This look is different to peroxide blonde as you don’t have to have porcelain skin,” says Sally. “You do however have to be a natural blonde to start with in order to get the perfect Nordic tones – it’s a hue that’s almost pinky in tone and suits blue eyes and warmer complexions,” something our blockbusting actress (of Swedish descent) demonstrates to dazzling effect.


Georgia Jagger – Natural Woman
It’s the hair colour most of us strive for and few of us attain – that elusive ‘natural blonde’ - but can nature really be faked? Georgia Jagger seems to be doing a pretty good impression of it. “For this colour you need to have dark blonde or light brown hair to begin with,” says Sally. “It’s all about enhancing your natural hair to make the blonde look as authentic as possible.” Sally suggests adding a smattering of fine sun-kissed highlights along the parting as well as soft balayage throughout focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.

By Cassie Steer

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