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Elizabeth Hurley for Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness


Elizabeth Hurley, with Estee Lauder, is committed every autumn, to raising the awareness of Breast Cancer. Every year millions of pounds are donated to this cause.

It's a long, but worthwhile, day for Elizabeth, with an in store appearance, TV interviews, and an evening event where she meets the public.

Elizabeth always looks fabulous with smoky eyes that give intensity and definition.

This year we went for a cool and very modern deep grey, playing up the textures by using both shimmer and matt. I used dark brown pencil, which is softer than black, at the roots of her lashes, both bottom and top, to add drama and deeper colour.

I also used layers of mascara giving even more glamour to the steely grey eye make-up look.

MAC Cosmetics has the best and largest range of matt and shimmer grey eye shadows to suit all eye colours and skin tones.

As I did with the lovely Elizabeth, I think it is best to keep the lips pale and let the eyes do the talking!

Mary Greenwell

Mary's little philosophy for the week:

I love long winter nights. It's a great time to catch up on movies and to bury yourself in those wonderful books that have been piling up by your bed. And remember, there's nothing as restorative as sleep, it's a great beauty therapy... So time to sleep!

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