Ashlee Simpson-Wentz wows Broadway with black hair

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz wows Broadway with black hair

Ashlee Simpson goes to the dark side as she debuts as Roxie Hart in Chicago

The Simpson gang were out in full force in New York last night as Ashlee rocked Broadway with her debut performance as Roxie Hart. And what better time to flaunt a new hair colour than at your big night in Broadway.  


She's been blonde, red head, brauburn (a brunette and red head combo) and now she's gone black. We we were lucky enough to have lunch with the man behind her new colour, super-stylist Ken Paves, last week at the Sanderson Hotel and he even showed us a picture of Ashlee on his I-phone just after he finished the dye job. 

Quite the contrast, her blonde sis Jess glittered and gleamed in a sequin dress with a cute bouncy pony. 

Good luck in Chicago, Ashlee.

By Alice Ripman

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