Angelina's secret facelift (in a bottle)

Angelina's secret facelift (in a bottle)

Find out which potion Angelina Jolie owes her famous worthy-of-a-twenty-year-old complexion to…

We just love to hear about the few-and-far-between Hollywood A-listers, like Ms. Jolie, that only stick to skincare to help them safeguard their youthful looks. And we get even more excited when we find out which products they’re using. 

Our spies tell us that during recent filming of her newest flick, Salt, Angelina has not left her Winnebago without a morning dose of her favourite new anti-ageing serum from Yon-Ka. She reportedly loves the new Advanced Optimizer Crème Serum, which is available at, so much that she took a break from filming to meet the PR behind the French brand to thank him for keeping her stocked up on the wonder serum. 

So what’s it’s secret? It’s packed with feed-the-skin peptides that help to plump out lines, lift saggy areas and generally leave skin feeling and looking like it’s reversed a decade or so.  Put your order in quick…

By Donna Francis

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