Alexa Chung's Mane Man Talks Good Hair Days

Alexa Chung's Mane Man Talks Good Hair Days

He may tend to the follicles of Alexa et al but Gorgeous George (no, not that one) has still had time to cultivate his own salon – opening in central London this week.

With Ms Chung as his first official client we’re expecting the waiting list to be looong so in the meantime we’ve managed to pin George Northwood down to get the skinny on all things hair (and Alexa)...

Talk us through 'invisible layers' - what are they and who do they work for?

Layering was first designed to remove weight and keep length, however, no one wants to look like Rachel from Friend’s now days!  SO we developed this to give weight removal without the staircase effect.  We slice through the hair to give that modern texture that most girls want - it appears to be one length but has the texture to make it feel a bit undone.

Best way to get your hairdresser to do what you want?

Its best to bring in pictures and references of the type of hair that you like and also come into the salon wearing you hair the way that you normally do, so that your hairdresser can a feel for your personal style.  Also, your hairdresser should find out what your lifestyle is like to ascertain how high or low maintenance you are with your hair.

Alexa and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are both clients of yours – are there any tips you've given them that they've really taken on board and what changes have you made to their hair since hey first came to see you?

I’ve worked with both Alexa and Rosie for years. They both first came to me in the infancy of their careers and the start of mine and with both of them it’s been a real style evolution. I work like this with all of my clients. The main thing that I hope I bring is a good understanding of their personalities and their own sense of style and I try to ensure that I bring these factors into their hair.  Take Alexa; she likes to keep her hair low-key and more undone, so we work on this theme but adding a touch of luxe whether the hair is long or shorter.

Most bizarre thing in your kit?

Sewing kit... for wefts and also invisible pony finishes.

Best holiday hair tip?

Embrace your natural texture, don’t fight it – you are on holiday, hang loose and don’t worry too much about your hair. And if you pack just one product make sure it’s Pureology’s Precious Oil as it will keep your hair nourished and save it from frying, keep it nourished and is also good for the environment which are my two favourite things! Oh, and you can use it to create a nice wet-look too.

What would your alternative career have been?

I can’t think of any other job.  I think that I was a born a hairdresser, my nan and my great granddad were both hairdressers, so its in my genes and there’s nothing else that I would rather be doing.  I love it and live it!

THE product to rescue a bad hair day?

Redken’s Pillow Proof – it will revive a blow-dry and gives you immediate oomph. Try it now!

Best tweet you've read recently?

All the tweets from everyone who has supported my new salon! 

Celebrity you've been most wow-ed by?

I am lucky that I get to work with so many amazing celebrity women, however, I have to say that I worked with Tom Hanks recently as I did his hair for the BAFTAS and I was a bit in awe – I mean there I was doing Forest Gump’s hair!  Awesome moment.

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