Adonia Legtone: Megan Fox’s cellulite fixer

Adonia Legtone: Megan Fox’s cellulite fixer

It’s the cellulite fix that’s a hit in Hollywood and already counts Megan Fox and Cameron Diaz as fans.

You've been shopping for your holiday wardrobe and you've packed the cutest teeny weeny bikini you could find.

But that first moment on the beach is looming and it's not about looking anything less than your best when the kaftan finally comes off and you reveal your bod to the beach.

To take the fear factor out of baring dimpled thighs, take a tip from A-listers Megan Fox and Cameron Diaz who are both fans of Adonia Legtone.

This new cellulite treatment was featured in the 2009 Oscars Celebrity Red Carpet Gift Event and is fast turning out to be the summer's must-have beauty buy. Smooth it on just twice a day and the potent formula of plant stem cells and organic oils hit those pesky skin cells where it hurts. By rejuvenating cells which have become less active through a build up of toxins, Adonia helps the skin renew naturally.

It takes just 9 minutes to make a difference, and we found the result was smoother, less dimpled skin. Arm yourself against cellulite this summer!

Adonia legtone is £53 and is available exclusively at

By Pat McNulty

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