A-list wax boutique alert!

A-list wax boutique alert!

Strip boutique is the chicest place to go for your wax, just ask Emilia Fox, Emily Blunt and Rose Huntington-Whiteley

Waxing isn’t exactly the most enjoyable beauty treatment, in fact, we dread it more than trips to the dentist. 

But after stumbling upon the Strip waxing boutique in Chelsea, we’ll no longer dread those paper panties – especially as each room includes a flat screen TV, the perfect distraction.

All of the treatments use Lycon wax, which helps to reduce the pain by attaching only to the hair,and not the skin. The range includes chocolate-hazelnut, lavender and sparkly gold. 

The more adventurous punter could even try the Bollywood, where coloured gems are stuck to your private parts in various shapes – sounds like something burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese might try. 

Once you’re done, you can reward your newly-Braziliane'd self to some sexy undies – Elle Macpherson, Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney all hang on the rails.  

Prices start at £10

Check out the treatment menu 

Notting Hill boutique 020 7727 2754

Chelsea boutique 020 7590 0050 

By Alice Ripman


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