From Yoga To Running: 7 Of The Best Fitness Apps To Download Right Now

From Yoga To Running: 7 Of The Best Fitness Apps To Download Right Now

From an app that’s a personal trainer in your pocket, to one that tracks swimming progress, these are the pick of the fitness bunch...

Fitness apps are a great way to get in shape whilst on the go. Workout apps suit our busy lifestyles, allowing us to plan or enhance our exercise routine using just our mobile phones. From free fitness apps to hardcore training apps, here is our round-up of the best all-round fitness apps out there...

Best for… music buffs
Tempo Run, £1.99, available on iTunes
Tempo Run uses the music on your smart phone to create a soundtrack with the perfect tempo (of between 120 to 140 beats a minute, FYI) to help you stay motivated while you’re pounding the pavement to Girls Aloud. The app allows you to sync your run, jog, or walk with your songs so that the beat is neither too slow (aka boring) nor too fast (exhausting). Genius!

Best for… the over-scheduler
7 Minute Workout, Free with the option to purchase additional workouts for £0.69 each, available on iTunes

Think you don’t have enough time to fit in an exercise routine? This app will prove you wrong. As the name suggests, it only takes seven minutes to get a full workout. The app vocally guides users through a different exercise every 30 seconds with a 10 second rest between each one. Featuring 12 high intensity bodyweight exercises, this one is unashamedly grueling, but a good way of getting your workout over and done with, pronto.

Best for… beginners
Couch To 5k, Free, available on iTunes and Google Play

If you’ve decided to give running a go this year but are yet to part with your beloved sofa, this is the app for you. Change For Life’s Couch To 5k is designed to help running novices complete a respectable 5km run within eight weeks. It starts off slow so you don’t give up and get back on the couch (standard!) Users begin by mixing walking with running and gradually build strength and stamina until they can complete a full 5km run. Sign us up!

Best for… water lovers
Speedo Fit, Free, available on iTunes

Without a routine swimming can quickly become aimless and, let’s face it, boring. The Speedo Fit app lets you set and track swimming goals, improve your technique and follow challenges to keep you motivated. Those who love a little friendly competition can compare their results with a friend. New to front crawl? The app has a pool finder function to check the nearest place to take the plunge.

Best for… fitness fanatics
Nike Training Club, Free, available on iTunes and Google Play

Looking for a personal trainer you can fit in your pocket? Step forward Nike Training Club. The app includes 100 different workouts that range from 15-minute blasts to hour-long sweat-fests. This isn’t one for the faint hearted though - it was designed by a team of Olympic-standard master trainers and truly intends to put you through your paces. Prepare to feel the burn!

Best for… yogis-in-training
Yoga Studio, £2.49, available on iTunes

Prefer to say ‘Om’ at home? Yoga Studio is the perfect companion for anyone that’s keen to give yoga a try without venturing to a studio. This yoga app caters for all levels of ability and has a variety of different classes so you won’t get into a downward dog rut of repeatedly doing the same routine. Yoga Studio also allows users to customise their own classes using the app's library of yoga poses to create a bespoke session to suit their level of ability and fit in their favourite moves.  

Best for… the lazy dieter
MyFitnessPal, Free, available on iTunes, Google Play and Windows Phone

Calorie-counting – it’s tedious but it works. So if you’re looking to get down to the nitty-gritty of counting calories, without having to trust your own maths skills, try this app. MyFitnessPal helps you keep track of what you’re eating, thanks to thousands of foods and drinks stored on its database, so you can be as specific as logging your choice of Starbucks beverage. You can also monitor how many calories you burn by exercising. It’s a great way to coordinate your exercise routine with your nutrition so that you can tweak what you’re doing to achieve your desired result.

Better get downloading fitness friends!

By Catherine Scale

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