6 Reasons Urban Outfitters Is Your New One Stop Beauty Shop

6 Reasons Urban Outfitters Is Your New One Stop Beauty Shop

No longer just for overpriced floral headbands and ultra-cool quirky gifts, Urban Outfitters is officially our new high street hotspot for all things beauty...

To steal their exact words, 'You little beauty', is precisely what came to mind when we stumbled upon Urban Outfitter's new and improved beauty section. With everything from botanical body scrubs and shampoo meant for horses, to confetti-filled nail varnishes and Eos lipbalms direct from across the pond, Urban Outfitters is officially our new one-stop beauty shop for all the brands you need to get your hands on. Forget floral headbands, here's the reasons why you'll find us by the beauty counter…

1. Awesome Hair Dye That's Good For The Planet

New York's answer to BLEACH London, Manic Panic hair dyes are the coolest way to nail this summer's pastel hair without harming the environment (or your head!). Created by Blondie singers Tish and Snooky in the 70's, Manic Panic are rock n roll through and through. With every colour you could ever want (we love Cotton Candy, £13 mixed with their legendary Pastel-izer, £15 for 2015's perfect pink hue) in ammonia and peroxide free vegan formulations, these are cruelty-free hair dyes tested on celebrities, not animals. An awesome ombre without a guilty conscience? We're in.

2. Show-stopping Nail Varnishes

When Topshop first started their beauty line, we were obsessed. A brand that knows trends inside out, creating beauty products tailored to each season was a revelation. So when Urban Outfitters started their range of W.I.P nail varnishes, we knew they were on to a winner. Nailing every SS15 trend with a matching shade, we officially want all of them. Feeling fun and artsy? Their adorably named Pom Pom varnish, £6 is a perfect update on festival nails. Fancy a more minimal, chic look? Lilac Wine, £6 is the one for you. A super pale grey/purple, it looks expensive and high fashion. Win, win.

3. Botanical Bodycare

When you think of Urban Outfitters, you'd be forgiven for not immediately imagining artisan, ingredient lead products, but you'd be wrong. Handcrafted and organic (not to mention in minimal metal tins that look great on your dressing table), Fig + Yarrow are a major player in Urban Outfitters' beauty offering. We can't get enough of their Botanical Herbal Steam, £20 which is the prettiest way to clear pores quickly. Honourable mentions go to botanical beauties Fountain, Dr Jackson's, A Beautiful Life, Antipodes and Grow Gorgeous for adding to our constantly growing lust list.

4. US Imports

Everyone's lip balm obsession, we were chuffed when we found US super product Eos lip balms, £6.50 being sold at our local Urban Outfitters. And the imports from across the pond don't stop there. It was love at first sight when we clapped eyes on Hello Breath Sprays. 2015's update on a slightly geeky accessory, these delicious sprays look like something from Wall E and taste like a refreshing cocktail minus the alcohol and artificial sweeteners. Yum! Our favourite? The Mojito Mint flavour, £4 of course!

5. The Beauty Bags

If, like us, you're not known for your impeccably chic makeup bag, then Urban Outfitters have got the answer. Alongside their graphic printed cases and so-cute-we-could-just-die animal print bags, they've got the completely covetable fashion collab bags designed by Rodnik x Peanuts. Their a little bit out there, cartoon print bags are the best cosmetics cases we've seen for a while. Get your hands on them while they're just £5, bargain!

6. Quirky Products That Work

Horse shampoo? Hair products in a bear-shaped honey bottle? Yup, these are just two of the offbeat but totally effective offerings from Urban Outfitters. Formulated with organic honey A Beautiful Life's Honey'Do, £16, is paraben and sulfate free for shampoo that cleans without stripping hair of its natural oils. Just be careful it doesn't end up on your pancakes...

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