5 Steps To The Perfect Nude Mani

5 Steps To The Perfect Nude Mani
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There’s nothing more chic than a perfectly manicured nude nail, Revlon’s UK Nail Ambassador Jenny Longworth explains how to do it yourself in five easy steps


“It’s really important to buff nails properly before you start painting to ensure a perfectly smooth end result,” says Jenny. “Gently rub block buffer side to side to smooth ridges on your nails. Use the corner to get right into the cuticles at the base of the nail to buff away any dry skin there.”

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Next choose your shape – oval shaped nails look classic and chic with nude nail polish – and file, starting from one side of the nail, pulling over to the other side. Never file back and forth over the nail as this can cause snags in the nail. “To get rid of any rough edges and filings that are clinging on underneath, run your file under your nail when you’ve finished filing,” advises Jenny.

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“To ensure your nail polish really adheres to your nail, dehydrate your nail before you start painting. To do this, soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover and it run over each nail. This will make your make your mani last as long as possible,” says Jenny.

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As we all know, this is the tricky part. “Take your time over painting – it’s never going to look good if you’re doing it in a rush five minutes before you leave your house,” says Jenny. “Set aside at least 20 minutes, and do it in an area where you have good lighting.” Start with a thin layer of base coat, and paint it on in three stripes – the first down the middle of the nail, then to either side of the central stripe. “The key is not to flood the cuticle with nail polish as this looks instantly messy and is really difficult to clean up, so start painting a couple of millimeters above the cuticle,” advises Jenny. As soon as you’ve finished your base coat (you don’t want any of the coats to dry before you start the next) paint on your first layer of nude polish in the same way as you applied your base coat. Repeat with a second coat of nude polish, then top with a slightly thicker layer of base coat.

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Leave the polish to dry for five minutes before cleaning up ny mistakes. Jenny’s top tip? “Dip an angled eyeliner brush in nail polish remover to clean up stray bits of polish around your nail. It’s the perfect tool as you can be really precise with it.” Finally top with a drop of cuticle oil on each nail, and ta-dah – you have the perfect nude mani!

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