10 Times Blake Lively's Hair Made Us SWOON In The Age Of Adaline Trailer

Intro Deck: 

That's a LOT of hair envy in two minutes...

Blake Lively has long stood as a constant source of hair inspo; so much so that we'd be prepared to go as far as saying she has one of the best [nae the best] manes in the biz. 

Of course, we're all too familiar with her blonde locks set in perfectly beachy waves, and although her natural hair game is strong she's never afraid to try a new, stand-out 'do. From OTT beehives to retro ringlets, she's tried them all and won. 

However, we didn't know she was this impressive a hair chameleon until we saw the latest trailer of her new film The Age of Adaline, which sees the 27-year-old actress sport a myriad of gorgeous hairstyles. Yep; they definitely got their money's worth out of the stylist on set... 

Enough to make even the most seasoned hair aficionado squeal with delight, Blake uses her time spent as an unaging woman through time very wisely, trying out some of the most iconic hairstyles of the 20th century as she goes. Time. Well. Spent.  

Starting out in the '30s and culminating in the present day, Blake proves there's no 'do she can't pull off. Here, we chronologically order the styles we'll be taking with us on our next trip to the hairdressers... 

Finger Waves
The quintessential style of the 1930's kicks off Blake's stellar repertoire of hairstyles and it's positively beaut. Pass us some hair gel and a comb, will you? 

Wartime Ringlets
Nothing says bygone glamour quite like tight curls, does it?

The Twist And Fix
Make you 'between washes' hair look 100% chicer with the old twist and fix. Simply twist the front sections of your hair and secure in place with kirby grips and a hair slide. DONE. 

The Sixties Siren Fringe
Now this is what we call fringspiration — what a BABE. Oh, and we're feeling that Alice band...

The Perfect Bun
An updo Kate Middleton herself would be proud of. Nice work, Blake. 

The Drastic Parting
Making a case for the side-parting the world over. Goodbye midi's...

The Relaxed Pony
How does she get her ponytail to look THIS good? It's got an undeniable je ne sais quoi...

Sexy Bed Hair
Two words: If only...

The Messy Fishtail
No amount of YouTube tutorials will help us master this ornate plait...

The Hollywood Side-Sweep
Now this is the Blake we know and love. Well, if it ain't broke. 

The Age of Adaline hits cinemas on April 25th 2015. Until then we'll be busy trying to perfect these 'dos...

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