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Ever wondered how a Beauty Editor gets through Fashion Week month looking radiant and feeling vaguely human? Here are the top five Fashion Week essentials that got InStyle’s Beauty Director Cassie Steer through four cities and 67 backstage burrows. Better still? They're all perfect for taking us through summer and beyond.

Nicole Scherzinger has got that lit-from-within luminous skin look well and truly nailed and now (to our delight) she’s revealed the beauty product that she swears by to keep her complexion on point. Plus (*spoiler alert*) you don’t need an A-list budget to get in on the action.

Knowing how to remove fake tan is one of the most valuable beauty secrets. Orange palms? Streaky legs? Don’t panic – undo the three most common tanning mishaps with our fake tan tips...

Had a big night but don't want everyone to know about it? Follow these tips and no-one will be none the wiser that you rolled in at 3am...

When we saw Victoria Beckham snuggling up to her hair stylist extraordinaire and 'substitute husband', Ken Pavés, we were curious which other hairdressers the A-list have on speed dial. So whether you love Alexa’s cut or Cameron’s colour, we've found the stylists that the celebrities can't live without.

Blue/Black, Gold/White? Who Cares. Whether it’s down to optical pigments or the perfect balance of orange and blue, these are the lipsticks that’ll take the aggro out of finding the right shade and will go with any colour outfit that you choose. (Oh, and it’s definitely #whiteandgold btw).