Think 'Millennial' Pink, It's The Nail Colour of Now

Think 'Millennial' Pink, It's The Nail Colour of Now
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The idea that pink should be a hue limited to your childhood days is so over. In the past year alone, the bubblegum shade we coveted during primary school has made its grand return, only this time around it’s got a touch of coral and has completely rebranded with a punchy new name: millennial pink.

You’ve probably seen it everywhere all over Instagram and ad campaigns, on cosmetics packaging and inside London’s most Instagram-able tea parlours. It’s digitally-driven, and adds an immediate ironic cool (a la succulents and sliders). 

There's a bit of debate around what exactly the shade of pink it is, but the one we saw first and loved for nails was backstage at Alexander Wang’s A/W 16 New York show. Models rocked Fiji by Essie, a shade personally chosen Mr Wang himself. The soft, rosy shade clashed against models’ badass looks perfectly. From then onwards, an explosion of not-quite-baby pink started seeping its way into just about everything.

Pink is definitely having a moment right now,  from all-over makeup (don't think you can wear pink makeup? You so can) to bold fashion statements, whatever the hue. What we love the most about millennial pink polish is that it flatters just about everyone, from the most porcelain complexions to the richest deep tones. It looks different on everyone, and you can deviate away from it as much as you can whilst still embodying a youthful, feminine feel. 

We’ve found the best millennial pink shades for your nails (make sure they're prepped by following these key pedicure rules), ranging from creamy, to bold, to sumptuous and to understated. From Smith & Cult's punchy pinks to Barry M's molten take, have a look and rock the coolest nail colour RN.

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