3 Reasons You Need To Fastrack The Metallic Nail Trend Now

3 Reasons You Need To Fastrack The Metallic Nail Trend Now

Forget intricate designs or low key textures, high shine chrome effects are the key to on trend nails.

Now that the SS16 shows are over done with, we have had some time to reflect on the vast array of beauty brilliance that we saw over the past month.  Like a magpie, the one trend that keeps flashing before our eyes is that of metallic nails.  

So why do we love them?

Metallic nail polish is like jewelry for your nails.  A little glint of rose gold or silver has the same effect as a ring in brightening up and accessorizing the hand.  Bling is also a great distraction from ageing or pasty looking hands. 

It's true, SS16 may be but a distant dream but these are nail trends that you can hack into early.   Time to get ahead of yourself and don some heavy metal. 

1. Synthetics are chic

Whilst traditional metal shades like gold and silver look really cool – there is something bad-taste-is-good-tatse about synthetic metallic colours.  Think jewel tones like ruby, emerald and teal blue.  One of our all time favourite examples has to be at the Gareth Pugh show, where manicurist Marian Newman was inspired by bright red bumper cars at a fair ground.  Newman layered thick cut red metallic glitter with MAC Studio Overlacquer (£10) clear gloss to create a 3D effect.



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2. Silver Tips

So we may not be au fait with regular French polishes but silver tip French manicures?  Now that’s something we can get on board with.   Seen at Tome in New York and also at Sibling – where the nails were actually inspired by the metallic filters of pastel Sobranie cigarettes and tipped in Orly’s Tinsel Townsilver polish (£15.90)


3. Scrap Metal

Every now and again backstage we come across a nail art technique that we have never seen before.  At Giamba, in Milan, manicurist Keri Blair was montaging multi-coloured scraps of metallic foil over a clear glue that she bought from Dollarnailart.com . ‘It’s the best glue I’ve found to do this” says Blair.  “If you don’t have the glue you can also use a slowdry topcoat.  It’s sort of like cheap girl’s Minx.”



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