Trinny Woodall Is Back And Her New Make-Up Range Is Good. It's Really Good.

Trinny Woodall Is Back And Her New Make-Up Range Is Good. It's <em>Really</em> Good.
Anna Mårtensson

Trinny Woodall, of What Not To Wear fame, has reinvented herself. She's now a bonafide beauty influencer, with 315,000 followers on Instagram and over 40,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. And, it turns out, she's something of a rarity in the saturated world of celebrity beauty ranges and endorsements: rather than telling women to buy more, she wants them to buy fewer products and use them in a smarter way.

'Look, I used to cart around a huge make-up bag and had had enough,'' she told me. 'That's where the idea for Trinny London (available now, and starting from £16) came from. You don't need brushes, the foundation doubles up as a concealer; it's easy. And you can take the stackable stash on your travels or in your handbag with ease.'


And she's right: in a nutshell, the range is a series of balms, creams, and shadows that can be patted and dabbed and smeared on to lids and lips and cheeks without demanding lots of tools or skill from the user. It's a make-up paint by numbers, if you will, with colour options and formulas that are designed for women with busy lives who don't have time to faff around with make-up that does anything but enhance and prettify.

I took the Match2Me test (an online test on Trinny's website which takes your eye, hair and skin colourings and tells you which tones and shades will best suit you) and was amazed at its accuracy in pairing my colouring with hues that complemented it. I was especially surprised when it predicting my foundation shade, which, as anyone who's ever shopped for base online will know, is really quite remarkable.

Trinny Woodall

But this is where Trinny has form. Having built a career – alongside BFF Susannah Constantine, her co-presenter on What Not Wear back – on understanding that wide gulf between how marketing people think women want to look, and how they really want to look*, she's helped countless woman navigate the tricky waters of fashion and is now aiming to do the same with make-up. And, as a time-strapped woman who's mostly aiming to look groomed after a quick make-up session during my commute, I'm bloody glad she's put this much thought into the range so that I can just grab my stack and dash to work on these cold, foggy early mornings.

*Caveat: that's a huge, sweeping generalisation of course, but we're talking about the majority here - there are of course plenty of women for whom holographic eyes and blue lips and a good hour spent make-upping means proper joy.

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