The New Hourglass Palette Will Give Your Skin Life

The New Hourglass Palette Will Give Your Skin Life

By the time October's hit, I know my more is more approach to applying bronzer just isn't cutting it anymore. My skin's paler, and the tonnes of bronzer I rely on during summer months to perk my complexion up just ends up making me look ruddy, not glowing. I need more than just a shot of brown on my cheeks - I need something that'll help me to regain the look of robust health. 

The new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 could therefore not have entered my life at a better time. I'm tired, I've had a cold, the warm summery light has turned into that steely, cool, wintery hue that makes me look like the undead. The cult brand have form when it comes to making powders that are designed to bounce light off the skin and infuse warmth and glow once more - and this newbie contains six brilliant ones that do just that.

Let's get into the details. First, the three existing powders. Diffused Light is a brilliant blurring powder that I like to whack on any spotty or red parts of my face. Dim Light does similar, but offers more of a lift to skin, and Luminous Bronzer Light is the ideal soft, warm glow to nestle under cheekbones.

The three new shades add that punch of colour and proper highlight, with Surreal Halo being a deep berry (the colour of the moment on cheeks), and Pure Effect adding a shot of life when dotted right onto the apples of cheeks. Hypnotic Strobe Light is the most beautiful, pearlescent highlighter - but doesn't contain even a whisper of telltale shimmery particles in it. 

I wear the powders on top of my foundation and concealer, but if you aren't a fan of wearing any base at all, just whisk them over your skin for a really lovely, soft-focus finish.

Aside from the incredible lift it gives the complexion, I'd also recommend buying this because it is lightweight and sorts your skin out on the go like no other. Just whack a little travel brush in your bag alongside it and you're good to go. 

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