No Brushes Allowed: How to Do Your Entire Make-Up Routine with Your Fingers

No Brushes Allowed: How to Do Your Entire Make-Up Routine with Your Fingers
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Never got to grips with make-up brushes? Don’t worry, a MAC 217 does work wonders for smoking out eyeshadow, and a contouring brush aids in mastering that streak-free finish, but applying with your fingers can give equally as good a finish - provided you know which products to pick up, and which techniques to use. That’s where we come in.

For this video, we’ve gathered a raft of products with formulas that work wonders when applied with a finger, and happen to be skin-friendly and organic to tie in with it being National Organic Week… 

Face. Opt for cream- or liquid-based products, or even a tinted moisturiser or BB cream, because non-powder formulas actually apply so much better with the warmth of your hand. If you need a shine-free finish, use a mattifying primer or blotting papers.

Blush + bronzer + highlighter. Cream blush is so underrated; the texture allows it to with skin for a natural finish that won’t crease or cake. The way to get it right is to dab your finger into the pan and pat it lightly onto your cheeks, diffusing it softly with a second clean finger. Equally, a cream bronzer and highlighter won’t ever look ashen, and can be swiped where needed. 

Eyes. While there are loads of cream shadows now on the market which lend themselves to being blended with clean fingers, we’re of the belief that if doing a simple eyeshadow look, you can totally apply a powder shadow with your fingers. In fact, if applying a metallic or shimmering shadow, the oil on your fingers really helps the pigment to stick, so cheating this is totally for the better. 

Lips. The modern way to wear lipstick is with a hint of your natural lip colour peeking through, and with a softy diffused edge. AKA, put your fingers to work and massage your lipstick in. 

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