Why Lip Gloss Is Back, Back, Back

Why Lip Gloss Is Back, Back, Back
Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Move over, matte lips - lip gloss is back with a bang. Our beauty editor investigates...

Anyone remember what lip gloss felt like to wear during its first wave of popularity? I do. I remember loading my teenage lips up with lashings of the stuff, the gloopy sticky texture of it and how my hair used to invariably end up glued to my lips whenever I’d walk through London on a blustery day. The tube was an absolute nightmare - thanks to all the pockets of wind, I’d emerge ready for my night out with more hair covering my lips than dangling down my back. Not ideal.

Well, gloss is back. Seriously: it’s a bona fide trend, starting on the catwalks - think Val Garland’s smudgy, shiny lips for Preen by Thornton Bregazzi - and now emerging in the form of new gloss product launches. First, Clinique. Their new Chubby Plump and Shine Liquid Lip Plumping Gloss comes in 8 shades and is boldly, brazenly glossy. Next, Buxom have landed in the UK, and their 32 Full-on Lip Polish hues are set to be bestsellers if sales in the US are anything to go by.

Buxom Lip Polish

Given my experiences with lip gloss as a teen, I felt obliged to put the newbies through a thorough test before recommending the newest incarnations and am delighted to report that the sticky formulas of yore have been weeded out - you can expect your gloss to be high-shine now, without gathering hair whenever you wear it out. 

In fact, if you get clever when picking a product, you can have all the gloss AND some lip nourishing goodness to boot - Buxom have included vitamins A and E to smooth and protect, while the proliferation of shiny lip oils on the market - most notably by Clarins, who are this month extending their range of popular Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils - speaks of the trend for beauty products to include skincare, or, in this case, lip care, ingredients.

A note before you face the world glossy of lip: this time round, lip gloss is a subtler trend. You’re not aiming for greasy lips of Stifler’s mum proportions. You’re going for softly sheeny, ideally with more gloss at the centre than near the lip line. The best application advice for this one: pop the gloss on your finger tip and tap it onto the centre of your lips. It’ll then migrate outwards for a healthy shine. If you're addicted to a certain liquid lipstick colour, just swipe it on and pat your gloss on top.

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