This One Makeup Switch Will Give Your Skin Life This Winter, Guaranteed 

This One Makeup Switch Will Give Your Skin Life This Winter, Guaranteed 
Powder glow trick

I fell into a YouTube hole last week and started watching back-to-back Kylie Minogue videos from the early noughties. Her look around that time is about my favourite thing and MANY teenage hours were spent trying to emulate those nude, shimmery eyes and glossy lips, while my poor hairdresser used to despair every time I went in clutching a photo of those flaxen waves, begging for similar.

Last week, however, my focus was not on her make-up, or, rather, on the visible make-up, but on the skin. THAT GLOW. It was immense. In my bid to make my skin look healthier a la noughties Kylie without tipping towards greasy (as I have acneic skin, I always need to set my foundation with a little powder), I rummaged through my makeup kit and started to ask luminous pals for their natural glowing make-up tips. 

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The best words of advice came from blogger Peony Lim, who told me that rather than use a powder, she used one of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. While initially dubious, I took a big fluffy brush, swirled it around on my Ambient Lighting powder in Ethereal Light, and pressed it on top of my foundation (which is Lancome's Teint idole Ultrawear, £31.50 btw). 

Glowing Skin

What happened next solidified my love for this new technique. At work, no fewer than three people told me I looked glowing. On Instagram, my skin beamed with the look of pure health (a lie! I am currently pale and lifeless under my makeup owing to speedy meals and minimal sleep). Even my mum (who is not known to shower empty compliments around) told me that my skin looked especially healthy.

So thanks, Kylie and Peony: thanks to you two I've now beaten my case of the winter pallor and have the trick to glossy skin AND keeping my foundation intact nailed. 

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