Why This Fashion Collab Could Be Mac's Coolest Yet

Why This Fashion Collab Could Be Mac's Coolest Yet

Take uber makeup brand Mac. Add Korean fashion design duo Steve J and Yoni P. And this gorgeous new collection is exactly what you've got.

SJYP (aka Steve J and Yoni P) are having a bit of a moment. If you haven't of them yet, the Korean design duo know everything about how to give a classic (think Breton tee) a little bit of edge (add some artfully-distressed denim, or a sprinkling of lace).  Now they’ve channelled their cool-Korean/London-hipster vibe into make-up.

With the craze for all things Korean beauty showing no signs of abating, MAC’s latest collaboration with designers Steve J and Yoni P is all set to become a collectible sell out. The collection itself is a riot of pink (big box ticked; pink is THE colour of the season - here’s how to wear it), with glittery accents and one deep, proper red lipstick as a nod to Yoni’s signature look. 

We talked to the designer duo on the relationship between make-up and fashion, women with strong identities, and the interplay between Korea and London in their designs…

MAC Steve and Yoni

‘We met at Central St. Martins while studying and launched Steve J and Yoni P as classmates. As we were both born in Korea but studied in London for eight years, both cultures influence the brand - we like to think that we capture the artistic, free soul of London and the sophisticated, more modern vibe of Korea.’

‘Our muse is a woman with a free and cool attitude and a woman with a strong identity. That’s the Steve & Yoni girl.’

‘Make-up and clothing create a harmony: make-up is the finale to whatever you’re wearing that day. The right make-up can mean that you start your day full of confidence.’

‘MAC are THE backstage authority, and we’ve partnered on fashion shows with them, so we thought it was such an honour that they were interested in Yoni’s signature black eyeliner and red lipstick and that they asked us to collaborate on a make-up range.’

The result is a bit of a departure from Yoni’s pared-back look, with a massive focus on the bubblegum pink that’s taken its cue from Korea. In the mix: two bright pink lipsticks, three pink lip and cheek colours two pink blushes and a showering of shimmer. The packaging is equally as instal-friendly and Korean-inspired, taking it’s cue from Yoni, too: ‘the packaging reflects Yoni’s aesthetic - the yellow is her blonde hair, the black her black eyeliner and pink is her favourite colour.’

Don’t be fooled by the riot of cuteness, though: Steve and Yoni are envisaging a ‘woman with a free and cool attitude and a woman with a strong identity’ when they design - which is precisely what you need to pull of this seasons it colour pink - check out our video guide here.

Another helpful tip when doing pink make-up? Try ‘pinks and peach shades on the lips and cheek and go a little smokier to complete the eye - it’ll balance the feminine vibe with a sporty hint,’ suggest Steve and Yoni. A final tip from the design duo? ‘Make-up is the finale to whatever you’re wearing - getting it right can start your day full of confidence.’ Steve and Yoni we applaud you. 

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